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Wreck Of The Hesperus ‎– The Sunken Threshold - CD

Wreck Of The Hesperus hail from Ireland and their debut album, "The Sunken Threshold" is finally out via Aesthetic Death records and allow me to say that it has been one of the most beautiful surprises of the funeral doom metal scene for 2006.

"The Sunken Threshold" consists only of three composition yet will accompany you for more than 40 minutes and will make you asphyxiate in its obscure and unearthly soundscapes. Just stare at the abstract cover and you'll get what i mean, thorns and tentacles blending together in dismay. Some references in their sound could be The Funeral Orchestra, but there's a small difference, there where The Funeral Orchestra had an apocalyptic and trance-like feeling Wreck Of The Hesperus sound sinister and twisted. You add some more traditional distortion at the guitar sound in the vein of Reverend Bizarre, some obscure noisy electronic sequences that are not being overused, just being there a few times to achieve a more distressing atmosphere (just like on "Grave Signal"), and doses of threatening and hallucinating emotions and what you get is Wreck Of The Hesperus.

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