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Welter In Thy Blood - Through The Fields Of Mourning - Digipack CD

"Welter In Thy Blood is a three piece Black Funeral Doom band from Los Angeles, California and this their third release following on from "The Transference of Misery" which was released in very limited quantities and the "The Grim Visage of Death EP" which came out on a one sided 12 inch blood splattered vinyl, limited to 200 copies and numbered in human blood. The new album "Through the Fields of Mourning" has the band delivering us a almost one hour's worth of frightening down tempo, blackened Funeral Droning Doom Metal that displays some pure hatred, depression, solitude and a general desire for the termination of the human race. The album gets off to a slow but very haunting start with "Casting Ashes to the Wind". The tolling of a church bell, howling winds set the mood for what at first seems like a intro for the song but it becomes the entire 11 minutes. Very minimalist, droning, atmospheric and chilling. The track doesn't have much variation is sound or ideas but it is very effective in creating a nightmarish soundtrack for your very worse visions. Not something you should listen to if you are feeling suicidal or depressed so you have been warned. Next up is "Despondent Unto Death" which has more tolling bells, creepy spoken word passages, black metal-ish growling in the background and crashing cymbals and drums. Its a sparse arrangement of catastrophic, apocalyptic noises that give off a vibe of absolute torment. There is also a subtle use of guitar chords that are some of the most threatening and depressing ever recorded. The track slowly builds to a blood-soaked ending that will either have you in a trance or reaching for the nearest butcher knife. You might not be a happy camper after getting through this 14 minutes of misanthropic droning Doom. The shortest track is spews its way into your speakers with "To Bind With Ninefold Chain". Again the result is one of pure terror and despair, static and a haunting guitar that seems to crying out its last breath. Being only 3 minutes long, the track is overshadowed by the rest of the album but it serves a "crap your pants" interlude before the final epic "Enemy Of The Human Race" comes in and this is where the band pull out all the stops. At nearly half a hour long, it is not a easy listen. The first few minutes has a spoken word passage about stopping procreation of the human species. Its a alarming but thought-provoking passage that had me reaching for the replay button many times. Chilling guitar chords spill out some pure devastating emotion and mix that with the blackened, tormented vocals and you have something that can only be described as a "nightmarish soundtrack". There is a steady build-up of intensity and volume that becomes almost over-powering at around halfway through the track. The more you listen, the more you hear in "Enemy Of The Human Race", while its minimalist, its also complex in dramatic musical values. Frightening to the last note, it supplies the perfect background noise to your worst fears, illusions and negative thoughts. This is out now on "Shadowgraph Records" and is a album for the most extreme underground droning, ambient Doom listener. Not for the weak or feeble, this is music for the slightly deranged and the disturbed, so yes I dig it. "

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