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Vestiges / Ghaust - LP


Formed in Washington DC in 2010, Vestiges set out to incorporate elements of hardcore, black metal, crust, d-beat, screamo, and post-rock to articulate their message both musically and lyrically through a series of albums that follow a central narrative about the relationship between man and nature.
The band questions man's evolution as progress while cryptically referencing a broad spectrum of sociopolitical issues including industrialization, militarization, overpopulation, theism, and both human and animal rights.

Formed in Indonesia during the fall of 2005, Ghaust is a two-piece instrumental band from Jakarta that combines elements of post-rock, hardcore, punk, and metal into a unique blend of cosmic melody.  The band finds a way to say it all without saying a word and has proven themselves time and time again with what seems to be a never-ending catalogue of heavy instrumental compositions.

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