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This Runs On Blood - The Ocean In Black & White

it’s a perfect mix between the vocals of bands like City Of Caterpillar and Blood Brothers. This is intense and experimental hardcore which can go from full blast to a crawl without losing an ounce of intensity. White vinyl. Limited to 300 copies. Packaged in a unique LP size 14 page booklet held together by metal rivets. Comes with a sticker, too!

This Manic slab takes This Runs on Blood on an even stranger ride a new sound for modern hardcore .Samples,noise, screams and still no bass.After a 12inch EP,The Youngre Strangre and the split 7" with Portland brutal grind outfit Transient.This Runs on Blood first true full length shows a new level of song writing and experimentation spazztic truly epic and I believe something new for hardcore and punk as a whole. Also featuring more amazing art work by nil ultra

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