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Skitsystem ‎– Allt E Skit - CD

Discography containing 1995's PROFITHYSTERI 7", the ONDSKANS ANSIKTE 10" from 1996, and the tracks from the split EP with Wolfpack from 1997. ---- TRACKLIST: 1. Profithysteri 2. Maktens Murar Rasar 3. Revolt (asocial) 4. Human Waste 5. All Javlar Ljuger 6. Nar Ska Ni Fatta 7. Jag Vagrar 8. Ondskans Ansikte 9. Profit Overshadows Need 10. Ett Liv I Frihet 11. System Collapse 12. Dodsmaskin 13. Krossa Mig 14. Allt E Skit 15. Valfard 16. Pigs 17. Levande Lik 18. Slaves To Misery 19.Civiliserad ----- Skitsystem are a new Swedish hardcore-punk band. What do you get if you take two members from the death metal band "At the Gates" and another death metal guy and a punk rocker? You get SKITSYSTEM. As you might have figured out, this is raw, aggressive f---ing punk!

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