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Pristina - The Drought (Ov Salt And Sorrow) - LP

Pristina’s debut album “The Drought (ov Salt and Sorrow)” revolves around the ambitious 23-minute title track. That may sound like a task more reserved for a crafty progressive metal band than a metallic hardcore act, but Pristina is far beyond the scale of limited genre trappings. Similar to bands like Today Is The Day, Pristina refuses to be a stale, one-dimensional caricature, and the title track is proof of this mentality. It’s clear the band put a lot of time into this one track, but the four other ones are not just filler tossed in to make the EP a full-length. They each offer a different sonic direction that clash with each other to make for a reckless and unpredictable debut from Pristina.

<a href="">The Drought (Ov Salt &amp; Sorrow) by Pristina</a>

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