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Potop - Channels - CD

Released back in 2008 by Iron Pig Records, "Channels" is the first CD from Macedonian act Potop, and contains tracks from their split with Burmese, the "Freak Power" compilation, and a few otherwise unreleased numbers, I believe. This is a curious release right off the bat, as the running times range from a mere 40-second burst of mangled chaos to 11+ minutes, and three of the five songs are completely untitled. The core of the band's approach, though, is vicious doom/sludge with absolutely sick, scathing vocal sneers and a perfectly raw recording that keeps things simple and to the point: Warm, natural percussion; a unified wall of dense, effortlessly heavy guitars and bass; the crazy vocals pushing their way to the front; etc. Expect some slow, decaying chord strikes with droning feedback, an excellent sense of dissonance that creeps in around the edges of a number of riffs, and of course loads of pounding rhythms and maniacal vocals. Potop is definitely one of those bands that knows what's up as far as keeping things interesting with this particular niche of metal. They don't let things drag on and on or take forever to get anywhere, you don't get the impression that they're trying too hard to be slow or heavy, and the quality of their riffs and songwriting create a powerful atmosphere that definitely leaves a mark. I can't imagine any diehard fan of this style not being into these guys. Good stuff. They're working on a split 12" with Apartment 213, too, which should be an awesome combination of styles, so… keep an eye out for that as well!

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