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Mr. Peter Hayden - Faster Than Speed (Or Violating The Special Relativity)

"Able and free, Mr. Peter Hayden, a five-piece from northern Satakunta, Finland, bring you their time-cultivating improvisations and visionary metaphysics with an ever-changing instrumentation and incomparable knowledge of the future.

Their sound is the soundtrack for your spiritual rebirth as walls of consciousness crumble and planets melt into mind-eroding seas of acid.

No more waves and no more cores. This space-age travelogue of a drug-lazed time-trip will be all you need to feel. Voyage to fringe of freedom and mental stability, lesson in self-medication, guide to overcome this plane of existence, a trip to live through to be whole once again."

Over 10-year old Mr. Peter Hayden released their second full-lenght album in May 2012. They have played at the most appreciated doom/stoner/psychedelic rock clubs and festivals in Finland including Psychotropic Caravan and Amplifier Worship Festival, Space Force One, Club Planet Caravan and Club Mega Therion."

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