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JUNGBLUTH - "Part Ache" - LP

Arisen from the ashes of German crust / screamo veterans Alpinist and named after a heroic resistance fighter during WWII, Jungbluth is set to be another heavyweight in the flourishing European hardcore punk scene fighting fascism, sexism and any other form of humane and ideological oppression. All the band members already devoted themselves to this vital battle in the past, and their new musical project is definitely no exception, with the band name being just one indicator for that. However, Part Ache’s lyrical content is much broader than just its politico-social mindset. Jungbluth’s three voices scream about personal experiences and internal struggles, picking up issues which are applicable to the basic social coexistence as well as, and more specifically, to the music scene they’re virtually a part of. Their emotional involvement provides the debut LP of the three-piece with a more tangible and sustainable character, fueling their fight for peace and equality with far more than just gleaming slogans or political thoughts.

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