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HORROR VACUI - In Darkness You Will Feel Alright - LP

Horror Vacui is taking the hard-line: how to play goth music with a strong, arrogant attitude. This five-piece got together in our own town Bologna circa one year ago, collecting members of crust and hardcore acts like Kontatto, Campus Sterminii and Sumo, with the intent of playing some kind of darkened punk rock and that’s exactly what came out with their debut 7-inch single Can You Still See Reality?. Powerful 4/4 drum patterns, catchy guitar riffs, deep angry vocals. Think of the Sisters of Mercy or Lords of the New Church played by a bunch of filthy punx. And that’s what you’re getting with their first full-length we’re proud to release in cooperation with the band’s own imprint Legion of the Dead (sublabel of Agipunk). Eight brand new songs where lyrics range from anti-militaristic activism to mental illness issues, without overlooking personal feelings of disenchantment and frustration. Fans of Lost Tribe and Artic Flowers will find their European answer here, so get your studded leather jacket on!

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