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GUM - "But Woman Monkey" - LP

Italy’s GUM deliver their second stab “But Woman Monkey”, which is one of the first records set to be released in 2014. Following the same successful formula as in their debut the band ties Sludge style guitars and punk aggressiveness with catastrophic results. Not particularly fast, short, unbearably heavy and seriously infectious the 7 tracks of the record quickly turn into a no holds barred hell fiesta. Don’t expect to make out anything but their lyrical subjects deal with all the shit that have been plaguing modern world and GUM have found the right man to preach. Their singer is blessed (or cursed) with one of the most wicked throats in the business, and in “But Woman Monkey” he is puking pure hate for 45 minutes. It doesn’t always have to be original to blow you away and admittedly GUM have decided to play it safe here. Yet, their enormous volume and spotless execution establishes them as essentials for fans of IRON MONKEY and MOHO.

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