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Gnaw Their Tongues - Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus -CD

While it’s unhealthy to try drill into a rich seam of depression and self-loathing, mine it and milk it then wallow in it, sometimes those sort of dark moods are just unavoidable. For nigh-on six years, Gnaw Their Tongues, a solo project of Dutch polymath Mories, has deconstructed black metal, adding avant-industrial elements and haunting soundscapes to provide a go-to soundtrack for those dark nights of the soul. Shit, it’s almost like Mories has gleaned some bespoke intelligence into his audience and our respective torment and misdemeanors, like how on the money was the title to 2007 compilation Spasming and Howling, Bowels Loosening and Bladders Empyting, Vomiting with regards to documenting your bi-weekly über-anxiety hangover. Spooky. But Gnaw Their Tongues is not just for the crestfallen, those moments of defeat; for an abstract horror experience Morie’s oeuvre is essential listening, especially on those days when you can’t be doing with regimented blastbeats, riffs and screaming and all the de rigueur extreme metal fare.

Anyway, Mories has just scored a new nightmare, available through Crucial Blast here, and we’ve got it streaming below, just in time to put the breaks on your Van Halen pre-weekend serotonin drive and focus your mind on the unending slew of misery that is modern life.

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