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Exterminas ‎– Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy - CD

I knew this was Italian the moment I heard the opening notes (not counting the incredibly pointless intro noise track). This debut full-length from Exterminas is actually some decent, albeit anonymous, black metal that attempts to approach death metal at times seemingly just to do something different, and for that I applaud them. There are moments in their riffing where they get too technical to be called black metal, but still maintain an element of rawness that keeps them firmly entrenched in kvltness. The vocals are definitely very unorthodox for black metal. Februus and all his vowels produce some really cool guttural yells that trick you into thinking you’re actually not listening to black metal at all. The drums are a little on the sloppy side in a bad way. There were occasions when I felt the groove disappear completely, and I even expected the band to fall apart, which is something I despise when hearing any band in any genre. Ultimately though, this is pretty cool band that’s worth keeping an eye on in the future.

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