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DRONE THRONE / TOAD (Take Over And Destroy) - LP (White)

DRONE THRONE next stuff after the demo. Four new songs of sludge / stoner with the anger of Evil beast in the lineage of Sleep and Bongzilla.

TOAD from Arizona, play a raw and energetic punk hardcore with some modern rock'n'roll, that remember me the old MURDER CITY DEVILS (RIP). They sound like a dirty criminal !

"Both bands are from Arizona, but they represent pretty disparate styles of music. DRONE THRONE plays a pretty standard sludge metal/punk hybrid that gets a little too stoner-y at times for my taste, paying homage to EYEHATEGOD, SLEEP, GRIEF, and the like. I definately relate to their side of the split more. It has some strong riffs and some pretty Zen moments. To my ears, TOAD fits the category of indie punk, sounding something like MILE MARKER, HOT WATER MUSIC, and 45 GRAVE in a blender." " "DRONE THRONE wins out on this split."
-Maximum RocknRoll