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Deaf Kids "I am the Sickness" - Tape

Limited tape at 100 copies and numbered. The tape come a great artwork making hand !

Review from CVLT Nation :

"Unholy horns of everything awesome! Have you ever heard a record that has all of your brain cells spazzing out like a motherfucker head banging themselves against your skull and stage diving out of your ears? This happens to me every time I put on the new DEAF KIDS from Brazil, who happen to be one 20-year-old dude named Douglas. DEAF KIDS are an ultra extreme mix of everything I dig, and I could blast this band all day long without getting bored. Imagine if Lemmy fathered Discharge, who went on to have a hellspawn named Darkthrone – this would come sort of close to the rawness of DEAF KIDS. The Douglas is a genius in my book, because he knows how to lace all of his compositions with a blackened punk voodoo groove that creates electricity. Take “Man/Machine” for instance: it starts off with a dirty baseline before turning into serpent’s tongue riffs that make you want to be bitten with the drums’ rancid rage. Douglas’ vocals bleed with the oppressed people of his country coming through in every word. Something that’s very interesting is the way he uses melody, almost as another vocal. When you listen closely, you can hear these really awesome call and response things happening in the songs that only add to the drama of DEAF KIDS songs. It gets sicker – there is a spot-on cover of CRUCIFIX’s song “How, When and Where” that kicks ass! I was supposed to wait to review this, but I just couldn’t, I had to let the world know about it now. "