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Bismuth / Undersmile - Split LP


Bleak Nottingham drone/doom duo Bismuth have teamed up with Whitney’s eerie sludge coven Undersmile for a new split release, and you can stream the whole thing on Bandcamp right now.

Bismuth made quite a splash with their crushing debut EP ‘The Eternal Marshes’ last year. Their stark, impossibly weighty sound has already landed them support slots with the likes of Moss, Conan and Monarch, and listening to ‘Collapse’, it’s not hard to see why. If you’ve had the pleasure of catching them live recently, this track should sound familiar. It’s a frightening procession of ominous, snail paced riffs and almost unbearably tense percussive splashes, backed by an arsenal of amps, cavernous bass frequencies and some truly spine chilling vocals.

Over on the other side, Undersmile provide a sultry, slow burning voyage that unfolds with a dark, brooding elegance, and manages to remain enthralling throughout. At a hefty 23 minutes, ‘Titanboa’ is not only the quartet’s longest piece to date, but arguably their most accomplished and hypnotic too. If you found yourself ensnared in the daunting depths of their debut full-length ‘Narwhal’ last year, then this monolithic offering is going to envelope you like quicksand.

This split (featuring stunning artwork courtesy of artist Tony Roberts) represents two of the UK doom underground’s most promising acts, so if you’ve any interest in all things low, slow and heavy as hell, then this release is essential listening…

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