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Adrift - Monolito - CD

ADRIFT are the good example of how a band with tons of talen does not need of a huge promotion to be aclaimed. Right before the bandô‹s debut see the light, ADRIFT already have become one of the most respected acts in Spain. Bandô‹s progress and evolution has constantly help to get more and more attention around, mostly thanks to their impressive live acts. For not only a few, they are the most promising bands, along with MOHO, and exportable combos made in Madrid. Music can be easily compared with the sound Neurosis, Coalesce, Kyuss, Sonic Youth, Darkthrone or Iron Monkey. Right after a demo and 6 track ep released in 2005, ADRIFT started to receive more and more attention; then, the split with Moho, Another Kind of Death and Moksha (Ÿ?Waterloo, 2008), become a worldwide spreaded release that put them in the map seriously. Even Scott Kelly from Neurosis often plays their music at his radio show. During all this time ô‹till now, band play live constantly, supporting Cult of Luna and Wolves in the Throne Room, among others. Ÿ??MonolitoŸ? sadly see the end of the support label that released, now Alone Records take this faboulous release as well as the band inside their roster to spread the word of ADRIFT. Still do not know but ADRIFT is one of the best bands in Europe right now, wait and see. A complex, dark and heavy piece of art work of music.

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