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A Second Of June - Psychodrama - LP (White)


Awesome 80's New Wave pop Shoegaze this album “Psychodrama” should be the perfect soundtrack of the movie “Drive”. For fan of Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Interpol...
"Some assert that A Second Of June could have grown to Boston in the middle of the years 90, others in the dinginess 80' s of Manchester.  All agree to see in the music of the Strasbourg band a new synthesis, containing idealism and violence, lunar melodies and lyrical flown away.  Some years after their encounter at the university, Gregory (voice, guitars) and Olive Tree (low, synthesizers) compose the soundtrack of an author film and then create A Second Of June.  Two EP and an album later, they participate to the first disc of the Herzfeld Orchestrated.  Shortly after the arrival of Elsa (keyboards, voice) and Josh (battery) in 2009 the band starts to work on the sessions for the successor of The Inside Laws.  Psychodrama appears the 1st June 2011 on the label Herzfeld.  Eleven pop crystals songs engineering by Vincent "Nighthawk" Robert (Electric Electric) and distributed by La Baleine and Believe Digital.  "

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